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Antique Brass Dog

A beautiful 19C brass dog mounted

on a marble base. Measures 3 3/4"

in height. Base measures

2 3/4" x 5 1/4". Condition good.

Minor chipping on marble.

Item #8625


Antique Pressed Glass

Newfoundland Paperweights

Dates late 19C. English in origin. Measures 5 1/4" in height.  Both

have minor chips and a hairline

crack under  base.

Item #8672



WW1 Trench Art

Shell Casing

Purchased from a shop in

Normandy, France. Dealer stated

the piece was made by a soldier

in memory of his dog left at

the farm while he was away

at war. Etched under the dog

"Taza". Measures 6 3/4" in height.

Item #8620


Antique Derby

Porcelain Dog

C1880. A Sampson Hancock

Derby model a handsome

hound.  King Street factory

marks - S, H, crown, crossed

swords & D. Condition excellent. 

Measures 7 1/4" in height.

Item #8350


Our Devoted Friend

The Dog Book C1901

By Sarah Bolton

This wonderful book is in good

to fair condition. Book contains

444 pages. It is a must read for

all dog lovers. Book has many true

dog stories that detail acts of

heroism and devotion to their

masters. Inside this edition

includes some articles on dog heros

that were cut out of newspapers by

previous owner.  One dates 1918.

Item #8605


Antique Wool

Lap/Carriage Blanket

Dates early 1900's. Condition

good. Several areas of wool loss.

Center and right dog is missing

eyes. Measures 46" x 60".

Great decorative piece.

Provenance - Frances Scaife.

Item #8349


Antique Papier Mache

Tea Caddy Box

English in origin. Dates mid 19C.

Condition good to fair. Wear on

corners, cracking of top, water

mark on top (around the dog). 

Opens and closes nicely. 

Measures 3 3/4" wide and

2 3/4" in height.

Item #8576


Antique Bronze Dog

Mechanical Paper Clip

A beautiful 19C bronze dog that

has a mechanical mouth that can

hold business cards. Measures

5" in height. Base measures

6 3/4" x 3 1/2". Condition good.

Minor wear on base.

Item #8143


Karl Goetz Medal

WW1 Red Cross Dogs

C1914. This extremely rare cast

iron medal is by Karl Goetz

(1875-1950). Condition excellent.

This oversized medal measures

4 1/4" in diameter. 

Item #8582


WW1 French Red Cross

Dog Fund Raising Pin

"L'Ami Des Poilus"

Dates 1914 - 1915.  These are

typically found as a medal,

but this one is a pin. These fund

raising pins were given out

for service in the war effort.

 Measures 1 1/8" across

and 3/4" in height.

Item #8618


WW1 French Red Cross

Dog Fund Raising Medal

Dates 1914 - 1915.  A rare and

hard to find Red Cross dog fund

raising medal. These fund

raising medals were given out

when a donation was made to

help in the war effort. Measures

1 1/8" across & 3/4" in height

(not counting ribbon).

Item #8609


1892 Greyhound

Stud Book Volume 11

Condition is good. Book

covers the name, colours,

ages, and pedigrees of

Greyhound's registered

therein up to July 1, l892.

Item #8268


Antique Derby Porcelain

Dog Of Alcibiades

C1880. A Sampson Hancock

Derby model - Dog Of Alcibiades.

King Street factory marks - S, H,

crown, crossed swords and D.

Condition excellent. 

Measures 5 1/2" in height.

Item #8354


Antique Greyhound

Bat Printed Spode Cup

C1820. Cup measures 2 1/2" in

height and with a 2 1/2" base.

Mug is in good condition.

No cracks, repairs, or breaks.

Bat-printed porcelains were

produced primarily between

1800 and 1820.

Item #8624



Antique Lustre Pitcher

"Innocence" #1

C1880. Scottish in origin.

Makers mark under base,

Lockhart & Co., Pollokshaws.

Measures 9" in height.

Condition good. Some minor

scratching on transfer.

Item #8339



Antique Lustre

Punch Bowl

C1860. Scottish in origin.

Measures 6" in height and 10"

in diameter. Condition good.

Light wear on lustre. Two

minor glaze chips on outside

and slight hairline.

Item #8299


Antique Staffordshire

Plate - Landseer's

"Laying Down the Law"

C1850. Measures 8 1/2" in

diameter. Condition is

good. Tiny glaze chip on

bottom left.

Item #8621

Antique Staffordshire

Child's Plate - Queen Victoria

C1815. Measures 5 1/2" in

diameter. Condition is

good. Staining on the back.

Item #8345

Scottish Terrier

Royal Crown Derby

Porcelain Pin Dish

Measures 3 1/2" x 2 3/4"

C1940. Signed by artist,

R. Pimm.

Condition very good.

Item #8315


Scottish Terrier

Royal Crown Derby

Porcelain Pin Dish

Measures 3 1/2" x 2 3/4".

C1940. Signed by artist,

William Mosley.

Condition very good.

Item #8316


Antique Cast Iron

Recumbent Greyhound

Dates late 19C.  Measures

3 3/4" in height and base

measures 6 3/4" x 3 1/2".

Condition good.

Item #8295


Antique Hound

Stirrup Cup C1845

English smear-glazed stoneware

hound's head stirrup cup. 

C1845. Condition is very good. 

Measures 4 1/4" in length. 

Provenance -
Eugene Fleischer collection.
Item #8175


Antique Staffordshire

Pink Lustre Pitcher

Coursing Greyhounds

Early 19C pink lustre pitcher.

5 " in height. Condition good.

Wear on lustre and glaze.

Chip on base and retouch

to lustre.

Item #8159


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