Antique Dog Collars



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Huge Antique

Brass Dog Collar

Dates 19C and is English in

origin. Collar measures 2" in

width and 26" in length. 

Inscribed on name plate,

T. C. Loveridge, "Duchess".

Item #5078


Antique Dog Collar

"I Am John Garner's Dog

Whose Dog Are You"

An antique brass dog collar

mounted on a wooden base. 

Condition good. Engraved

on the collar,"I am John Garner's

Dog Whose Dog Are You. Steal

me not, myself and collar, puppies

should befriend each other. 

We both are barely worth a

dollar, send me back then

dearest brother".

Item #5080


Spiked Antique

Brass Dog Collar

Dates early 1800's.  English in

origin. Measures 4 1/2"

in diameter and 1 5/8" wide.  

Collar is in excellent

condition. Padlock has no

key and is locked. 

Item #5082


Massive Dutch

18C Mastiff Dog Collar

This massive copper and brass

collar measures 8 3/4" in

diameter and 3 3/4" wide.

 Found during

construction work in the

Merwede River in Holland.

Item #5065


Four Centuries of Dog Collars

At Leeds Castle Book

This rare and hard to find book

is a collection of 63 antique dog

collars presented by Gertrude Hunt

in memory of her husband John

Hunt. The soft cover book was

printed in 1979 and is a 1st edition.

It measures 11 1/2 x 8 1/4"

Book has 48 pages.

Item #5060


Antique Dog Collar C1733

"Kind Friend Direct Me

Right I Pray"


This brass metal dog collar

measures 6 1/2" in diameter.

C1733. Condition good. Engraved

on the collar,"Silas Shepley,

Bullock Smithy Bramhall, If I

fhou'd mifs or lofe my way, Kind

friend direct me right I pray".

Item #5061


Large Iron & Brass

Antique Dog Collar

The 18C iron and brass dog collar

measures 7" in diameter and

is 2" wide. It is in good condition

considering it is over 200 years

old. The collar is decorated with

brass studs and initials T.H.V.

Item #5056


Antique 18C Dog Collar

This brass serrated edge dog

collar measures 4 1/2" in

diameter and 1 1/4" in width.

Dates 18C. Condition is good.

Engraved on the collar,

"Thos. Parkinson Esqr.,


Item #5058


Antique Spiked

Copper Dog Collar


The late 18C copper dog collar

measures 5" in diameter and

1 1/2" wide. Condition is good.

Engraved on the collar is the

dog's name "Patch". 

Item #5029



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